Senior Experience

Senior Experience
The Senior Experience Program is to be a capstone project for members of the senior class. In essence, it will be the culmination of four years of study and will be the last formal learning experience for a Notre Dame student. The desired outcome of this experienced-based project would be to allow students to reflect upon their Notre Dame experience and also look to the future. The project should be based upon an area of interest to the student.

Goals of the Senior Experience Program:

To serve as a model for learning in the future
To allow students to explore an interest or desire
To give a different kind of learning experience
To put knowledge and skills into practice
To help with direction and focus for the future
To prove that learning happens everywhere - even outside of the classroom

Possible Projects include internships with an organization, corporation or non-profit. An on-going community service project could also fulfill the requirements.

2023-24 Timeline
September-December: Students identify and design internship, complete proposal, obtain internship sponsor, obtain parent permission 
Friday, January 5: Proposals due
By February 1: Selection Committee determines eligibility  
Around February 1: Acceptance Letters mailed 
April 26: Final day of classes for participating students 
April 29 - May 24: The experiential phase 
Last week of May: Mentor on-site visits 
May 28 & 29: Presentation dates

Pass/Fail and 1/4 Credit - students will not receive diploma if signed up to complete program and fails to do so.

1. Completed and signed proposal due by January 5, 2024.
2. Email faculty mentor weekly with daily journal entries
3. Have weekly time sheets signed by on-site sponsor
4. Submit project feedback form, one page reflection paper, time sheets, and supervisor's final assessment
5. Five minute presentation for SEP Committee
6. Participate in the SEP Fair - be prepared to present and discuss your experience

On-Site Mentor Responsibilities
Supervision of the student during internship/service project
Sign off on weekly time sheets
Complete a performance assessment form at the conclusion of the senior's experience
Provide feedback to the faculty mentor who will complete an on-site visit

Eligibility Requirements
Passing grades in all senior year classes
Minimum of 2.0 GPA
Record of good attendance and punctuality
No record of disciplinary problems
Parental approval
Endorsement by Senior Experience Selection Committee

Additional Details
Required 30 hours per week - 120 hours total
Students can not be paid for work
Students can still participate in sports and school activities

To download a 2024 Senior Experience application packet, please click here.