Scholarship Opportunities - Class of 2028

Academic Scholarships $2,500 - 8,000/year

Our academic scholarships are awarded to students who meet our academic requirements of a B+ average in academic classes (English, Math, Science, Social Students, and Language), the entrance exam score, and teacher recommendation. These scholarships are awarded in a student acceptance letter. There is no application to complete.

Presidential Scholarship $10,000/year

This scholarship is awarded to students who score within the 98% percentile on the entrance exam and have achieved an A average in academic classes. These scholarships are awarded in a student acceptance letter. There is no application to complete.

Distinguished Scholars Program $1,000/year

On the basis of the entrance exam, elementary/middle school achievement, teacher recommendations, and personal interview, a select number of first-year applicants will be invited to pursue their four-year high school education as Distinguished Scholars. This high honors program is grounded in a challenging and diverse curriculum, featuring interdisciplinary inquiry, independent initiative, and a commitment to academic excellence. Studying and learning together in this small group, a community of scholarship and intellectual curiosity will be prepared on a more advanced level, for future students and opportunities in higher education. A separate application is required and can be found on our website.

Dance, Chorus, and Band Scholarship Program $3,000/year

Notre Dame awards scholarships for students interested in the arts. Our performance-based arts scholarships require an audition. Students should prepare anything for their audition that showcases their talent in their respective performing art form. Students must complete an application by the November deadline. After review by the Committee, students may be invited in for an audition. These scholarships are renewable annually provided that the recipient participates in the respective program and maintains a B average to continue to receive the scholarship

Need-Based Financial Aid Varies

Families may apply for need-based financial assistance online at Financial aid is based on financial need determined by the financial aid form and must be applied for annually by the established deadline.