Financial Aid

2023-2024 Tuition

At Notre Dame High School it is our commitment to make an ND education possible for families from socioeconomically diverse backgrounds.   Each year we have been able to award over $1,500,000 in need-based aid.

The Financial Aid Office works to assist families for whom the cost of private Catholic school tuition is the only barrier to attendance. Although we cannot fully meet each family’s financial need, we will work collaboratively with families. All financial aid awards are based on a family’s demonstrated financial need (as determined by FACTS).  ND does offer academic and performing arts scholarships.  ND does not offer full-tuition awards or athletic awards of any kind.

All financial aid awards are based on a family’s demonstrated need, and there is no expectation of re-payment. In order to receive financial aid in subsequent years, it is important to note that financial aid is based primarily on a family’s continued demonstrated need for funds. Families must re-apply for financial aid each year. 

2023 - 2024 Tuition: $16,965.00

2023- 2024 Fees:

  • Registration:  $50 FACTS Set-Up:  $45 Fundraising:  $175 (Can be offset by participating in school fundraisers) Books:  $400 (estimated) Uniforms:  $100 (estimated based upon the number of items purchased)

Payment Plans

  • Each family sets up their payment plan through their FACTS account One-time payment is paid by June 30 (Receive a $500 discount) Two payments - May 15 and November 15 Twelve-month payment plan - May 15 - April 15

“I am so thankful to Notre Dame for supporting me and my education.  Being a part of the ND community has given me a strong education allowing me to begin college in a few months majoring in Finance.  I could not be achieving my goals without the support of Notre Dame”

For ninth-grade applicants, applications for financial aid are available online beginning in October. If submitted by the November deadline, families are notified on or about December 15 of any financial aid award. If a financial aid application is completed after the November deadline, families may not be notified of a financial aid award until early May. The Financial Aid Application is done online through our partner company FACTS. Your most recent tax return and W-2 Forms, in addition to a $30.00 fee, are required to complete the application. A link to the online financial aid application can be found by clicking here.

Returning families must also re-apply for financial aid on an annual basis. Applications are available for current families beginning in January.

Notre Dame has entered into an agreement with YourTuitionSolution to provide low-interest educational loans to qualified families. Applications for this assistance are available in the main office or online. Further information can be obtained here.

Academic Scholarship Information
Students do not apply for academic scholarships. Awards are determined by entrance exam results and seventh & eighth grade report cards. Students are notified of an academic scholarship award in their acceptance letter

Arts Scholarships Information
Notre Dame awards several four-year scholarships to incoming freshmen who plan to participate in the arts program. These scholarships are available for participation in Band, Chorus, or Dance and are renewable annually. An audition video is required along with an application - and both are due in mid-November. 

Liptak Scholarship
This need-based scholarship totals $4,000 and is awarded over four years ($1,000 per year). This is awarded through the Cardinal Shehan Center. Recipients must have attended a Cardinal Shehan Center program during grammar school. Applications are available at the Shehan Center and applicants are responsible for mailing the completed form to Notre Dame. The award is determined by the Notre Dame Scholarship Committee.