A solid grounding in a rigorous academic curriculum…that’s the hallmark of a Notre Dame education. We’re proud of the fact that nearly 100% of our students go on to higher education, and they’re prepared for success because of the strength of the learning they receive here.

Our students succeed in large part because we want them to. This is not a school that brags about the few that make the grade. This is a school that enlists faculty, staff, and students to pull together to make sure everyone reaches their potential. We do it by providing learning experiences to engage each student in the way he or she learns best. Our teachers seek out hands-on learning projects. Sometimes our students work in teams, and sometimes on their own. We encourage the use of technology as a learning tool. And our close relationship with Sacred Heart University means students have access to their library and the media resources of a top-notch university. 

High Honors and Advanced Placement level courses are available for students who are willing and able to maintain that level of academic rigor. And through the use of online AP courses, students can dive deep into subjects that stir their passions, like Mandarin Chinese or bioethics or videogame design. Over 90 percent of the colleges that most AP candidates have attended give credit and/or advanced placement to students whose AP exam grades are considered acceptable.