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At Notre Dame, the pillars of our education are Character, Faith, and Intellect. But these aren’t just words. We stress these three pillars every day, in all we do. Our students complete tens of thousands of hours of service hours in the community each year. They practice 26 Acts of Kindness, a response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook. Some spend a week building homes in rural Appalachia.  Some spend a weekend in Camden, NJ. And they do it all while balancing a rigorous academic load led by teachers who encourage debate and discussion and seek out hands-on ways to make learning relevant. At Notre Dame, students are encouraged to develop their natural talents, explore new ones, and become the best they can be intellectually and spiritually.

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Mr. Marra Mr. Gaetano Marra
Director of Enrollment and Financial Aid
Mrs. Guastelle  Mrs. Karen Guastelle
Director of Admissions

Spring Open House April 30, 2024 6:30 p.m.
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