Guidance & Counseling

The Guidance Office is available to assist students to discover and develop their aptitudes, interests, and opportunities so that they may enrich their lives and attain their maximum potential whether it is in further education or immediate entry into the world of work.

The staff works to encourage self-discipline to help students toward a realistic and positive self-image along with an appreciation of the uniqueness of others; and to supply students with pertinent information and supportive help in order to teach decision making skills.

The department aids in helping students make career plans. This includes recommendations and suggestions involving application to college and other schools of higher learning. The school feels that the selection of college is the decision of a student and his/her family, although counselors assist in the process when invited to do so.

Workshops on topics such as college testing, financial aid, and college selection are held annually for students and their parents. In addition, Notre Dame serves as a testing center for the SAT's during the school year.

Representatives from dozens of colleges visit Notre Dame during the fall and winter months to meet with students interested in specific schools.

Student Assistance Team

This important faculty committee has special training in aiding students who have pressing problems or emotional difficulties. Substance abuse, eating disorders, physical abuse, family problems are all too common in today's society. The Student Assistance Team stands ready to assist students and parents in times of need or crisis by referring them to the appropriate professionals.

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Naviance also offers services for higher education institutions that simplify the process of providing up-to-date information to secondary school counselors to support the college admission process.

Alumni Transcript Request

Alumni who are in need of a copy of their transcript should click here to download the transcript request form.