Our Mission, Our Vision

Mission and Vision

The mission of Notre Dame High School is to help young men and women grow in character, faith, and intellect. We encourage each student to develop a thirst for knowledge and truth, and we instill in our students the determination to strive for excellence in every endeavor. 

In a challenging and collaborative learning environment, we provide students with the academic foundation, confidence, and discipline needed to excel, both in college and in life. As a caring, diverse community grounded in Catholic teaching, we challenge all students to reach their God- given potential, to take their place in our society, and to do service for the good of others. 

Through hard work, faith in God, and faith in one’s self, we believe every student can achieve excellence.

Vision Statement
At Notre Dame, we are energized in our quest for excellence and in our purposeful growth in character, faith, and intellect. As a diverse learning community, we educate to develop the whole person—to provoke the mind, enkindle the heart, and foster the search for truth, goodness, and beauty. We are collaborators and innovators, using our knowledge and wisdom to serve our community, solve problems, and have a positive impact in society.

The fulfillment and joy of a Christ-centered life is encountered in our culture of vibrant Catholic faith. As Imitators of Christ, we are servant leaders—courageous, moral, and engaged, striving through God’s grace to be leaven in the world.

“It’s the well-rounded student who will be successful in the classroom and also contribute to the community. What you put into high school is what you get out of it, and often the students who put in the most like it the best.” --- Dr. Christopher Cipriano, Principal