Scholarships and Awards

Notre Dame High School currently maintains numerous scholarships. These scholarships benefit students from all walks of life. If you would like to contribute to an existing scholarship or start up a new scholarship please contact Julie Davis at [email protected].

Frank Carrano Memorial Scholarship
On July 25, 1999, the Notre Dame community suffered a sudden loss with the death of Frank Carrano, a member of the Class of 1999. Frank's mark will be forever with us - from the image of his smiling face, to his outgoing personality and his positive outlook, to his ability and desire to enjoy life to its fullest. Frank will further be remembered for his love of hockey and lacrosse and as tri-captain of the 1998-99 State Championship Ice Hockey Team. Frank impacted so many lives and the memory of #66 will always be with us.

A scholarship has been established in his name and each year a graduating senior hockey player or players will receive this award. Recipients must meet the following criteria: have a strong desire to accomplish a goal, have a passion to compete and win in athletic events, have a compassion for friends, and are spirited and team-oriented. 
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Sr. Marion Rielly Scholarship
Sister Marion Rielly is a former principal of Notre Dame Catholic High School. Sister Marion began her teaching career as a biology teacher at Notre Dame in 1957. Later, she was a guidance counselor and administrator at Notre Dame Girls High School before becoming principal of our school in 1973. Here, with her unique ability and dedication to Christ, Sister united her faculty, parents, and students in the success of Notre Dame until her death on January 14, 1983.

Sister Marion will long be remembered for her enthusiasm for work, her challenge to others, and her ability to touch the lives of so many. After her death, the Sister Marion Rielly Memorial Fund was established to honor and commemorate her life. Each year, three Notre Dame students (a freshman, sophomore and junior) receive scholarship awards in Sister’s memory.

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Richard 'Duke' LaTorre Memorial Scholarship
On October 12, 2011 the Notre Dame Community lost a dear friend and colleague, Richard "Duke" LaTorre. Richard was a member of Notre Dame's Class of 1965 and Sacred Heart University's Class of 1969. Richard's life was Notre Dame and his dedication to the school, the students and their families was a part of what makes Notre Dame the outstanding educational institution that it is today. To honor Richard's memory, the Notre Dame community has created the Richard "Duke" LaTorre Memorial Scholarship. In Richard's role (he had many including - Math teacher, Chairperson of the Math Department, Bookstore Manager) as Business and Financial Manager, Richard was always worried about our students and how they would be able to afford ND without help along the way. We believe that there is no more fitting legacy to leave in Richard's name than his ability to help students to attend Notre Dame for years to come. 
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Jessica Miner Memorial Scholarship
Jessica Miner, Class of 1998, died in 1996. In her memory, her parents, Nancy and James Miner, have established a scholarship to be awarded annually to a graduating senior who plans a career in the health field. This scholarship is in honor of both Jessica and Mrs. Patricia Land, Notre Dame's then-School Nurse, for her efforts on behalf of Jessica and the Miner family. 
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Charlotte Ebling Memorial Scholarship
Charlotte Ebling, a former teacher at Notre Dame, loved life and the things that really mattered: her family, her friends and her students. She tried to make the most of her God-given talents, and in doing so, left us with a lifetime of memories to cherish, share and reflect upon. In tribute to her beautiful life and to her outstanding service to Notre Dame, a scholarship is presented to a graduating senior in her memory each year. 
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Anthony Magliocco Memorial Scholarship
On January 6, 1997, the Notre Dame family suffered a great loss. Anthony Magliocco, a 1994 graduate, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Those who knew Anthony are better people because of it. Anthony was a leader to those around him. He affected more lives in his 20 years than most people would in 100 years. He truly was an angel on earth. If you didn't know him, take a minute and talk to friends and family, you'll see that a piece of Anthony lives in each of them. Each year, a graduating senior from Notre Dame receives a scholarship in Anthony's name. The recipient of this award demonstrates strength in three areas: Academics - a consistent record of achievement in all disciplines; Family - an appreciation of where you come from; And most importantly, the recipient of this award will demonstrate loyalty, honesty and compassion. 
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Kevin S. Comer Memorial Scholarship
On September 3, 2012, Kevin S Comer, Class of 1980, passed away on his fiftieth birthday. In recognition of Kevin’s accomplishments, character, and enduring love of the Notre Dame community, his family and friends have established a scholarship fund in his memory. Upon achieving his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and his Masters of Taxation from the University of New Haven, Kevin went on to achieve much success as a Certified Public Accountant for several prestigious firms, most recently GE Capital. Much more impressive however, was the endearing legacy Kevin left behind as a man of incredible kindness and humility. A scholarship in Kevin's name is presented to a current student (or students) each year. 
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Kim Wickert Donnelly Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship was established in memory of Kim Wickert Donnelly, Class of 1970, and is awarded to the young woman (a graduating senior) who best exemplifies Kim Donnelly's quiet leadership, love of family and her creative, gentle spirit. The recipient's optimistic attitude should allow her to enjoy life and the family and friends around her. 
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Armand Fabbri Scholarship
Armand Fabbri, former Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Bridgeport, devoted more than 30 years to Notre Dame as a teacher, coach, department head, librarian, assistant principal and principal. Armand Fabbri, perhaps more than any other person, exemplifies the spirit and tradition of Notre Dame. This award is given annually to a graduating senior. 
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Linda Daly Kosturko Scholarship
This scholarship was established by the members of the Class of 1967 to honor their classmate, Linda Daly Kosturko, who passed away in 2008. In her memory and in celebration of her life, this scholarship is given to a female student who excels in the area of science. Through this scholarship, it is the hope of the Class of 1967 that Linda's legacy and love for science will continue at Notre Dame. 
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Ernest Errichetti Scholarship
The Ernest Errichetti Scholarship was created to recognize the devotion of alumni parents, Maria and Daniel Errichetti (Joanne '69, Annmarie '72, Rita '75), to the needs of special children. The family of Maria and Daniel established this scholarship and dedicated it to their brother, Ernest, who taught his family about true caring, humility, patience, and about giving back to those less fortunate. This scholarship is presented to a graduating senior who is planning to pursue a career in special education.
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Joseph Zadravecz Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Zadravecz, Class of 1997, passed away in 2009. Joe was an outstanding baseball pitcher at Notre Dame. In his memory, his mother, Robin Calise, has established the Joseph Zadravecz Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship will provide financial assistance annually to a current Notre Dame student.
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Jacob's Ladder/Fr. Bill Sangiovanni Scholarship
This scholarship fund was established by a friend of Notre Dame who was quoted as saying "Education is expensive. But if each of us contributes in some small way, helping just one child be more than he or she could have been, the impact on our youth, our community and on our world could be enormous. Saving the world is too large a task to undertake. Saving one piece is within the reach of most." The funds raised from the Fr. Bill/Jacobs Ladder Scholarship are available to current students with financial need.
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Lou Saccone Memorial Scholarship

Lou Saccone was an original member of the Notre Dame faculty and taught in the ND math department for over thirty years. He was also the first ND football coach and guided the Lancers to their only football state championship in 1964. In his name, his family has established this scholarship which is awarded annually to a current student. 
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Jerry McCloat Football Scholarship
Jerry McCloat was a loyal ND parent support, but closest to his heart were the many weekends spent supporting and enjoying the Notre Dame football team. His daughter Meghan was a cheerleader from 2004-2008, and he took great pride in becoming involved in the athletic department and quickly became a regular in the bleachers at every football game. Even after Meghan's graduation, Jerry remained in the stands supporting the Lancers. His love for the school, and the discipline and development it encouraged among young athletes were the main reasons Jerry was proud to support the program. The Lancer Football Scholarship, in memory of Jerry McCloat, directly benefits the football program.
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Tom Brown Memorial Scholarship
Tom Brown was a member of the Class of 2000. At Notre Dame, Tom participated in soccer, track, and Key Club. He graduated in 2004 from George Mason University where his major was government and international politics. Tom then joined the Army. He completed two of their most difficult programs: Ranger and Airborne training. September 23, 2008, Lt. Tom Brown was killed in Salman Park, north of Baghdad, from small arms fire. In Tom's memory, the Class of 2000 and the Brown family has created a yearly scholarship for a graduating senior. Mrs. Brown requested the criteria for the scholarship be as follows: A well-rounded student, played ND soccer, involved in service at ND and in the future would like to be in law enforcement. 
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Coach Bruce "Pops" Howard Scholarship
Coach Pops was a long time member of the Notre Dame family.  He was a true man for others having served in the Vietnam War, as a National Guard member and as a Police officer for the City of Bridgeport.  After retirement, Coach Pops took up his second career as a Notre Dame Football coach.  At ND, he motivated players to work hard and to make good choices both on and off the field.  He left an indelible mark in the hearts of generations of Notre Dame students.  
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The Bob Naedele Class of '72 Scholarship Fund
Bob was a talented athlete, loyal friend, and supportive family man. Despite his tough exterior, he was a gentle protector and fierce advocate for those who needed his support the most. Bob challenged all on his path to work hard, to persevere despite challenges and to never, ever give up. Bob started his connection with Notre Dame High School as a student in 1968, where he met his wife, Cheryl. He was an active, proud parent of two student-athletes and a mentor to hundreds of students on and off the football field. Notre Dame was an integral part of Bob's life for 50 years. It is in this spirit of dedication to excellence and commitment to service that Bob's family established a scholarship in his memory. The Bob Naedele Class of '72 Scholarship will be awarded annually to Notre Dame student-athletes.
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