Fr. Bill Athletic Complex

Fr. Bill Sangiovanni Athletic Complex
Posted on 05/01/2017

Honoring a Legacy and Investing in the Future

During Fr. Bill Sangiovanni’s tenure, Notre Dame has grown in both spirit and size. Recent years have seen a rise in overall student enrollment, and with that has come a remarkable resurgence for our athletic program. We watched with excitement as our softball team advanced to the Class S title game, ND’s first state championship softball game since 1983, celebrated our Southwest Conference championship in both javelin and the triple jump, and cheered on our girls’ soccer team as they powered through a milestone season where they were crowned state champions in Class S, the first ND girls’ team to win a state championship.

In response to growing enrollment and our recent successes at Notre Dame, we recognize a need for upgraded facilities to support our growing athletic programs. Our goal is to raise $600,000 to complete the following projects: 

Phase One: In partnership with Sacred Heart University, completion of an international size turf field to be used by Notre Dame soccer, lacrosse and softball teams.

Phase Two: Construction of a four-lane 200 meter track and an area for field events (javelin, discus, shotput).

Phase Three: Renovations to Fabbri Field for improved baseball facilities, including dugouts, batting cages, a bull pen, and a warning track. Plans also include a press box, bleachers, and scoreboard.

Veterans Memorial Plaza: Honoring all those who served in our military, especially Notre Dame graduates and the six graduates killed in action (5 in Vietnam and 1 in Iraq), it will serve as the main entrance to the Fr. Bill Sangiovanni Athletic

Complex. The plaza will include an LED message board for school events and will also consist of three flag poles, bench seating, and memorialized paving stones.

With your donation to the Fr. Bill Sangiovanni Athletic Complex and Veterans Memorial Plaza entrance, you will join your fellow alumni and the entire Notre Dame community in honoring both Fr. Bill’s enduring legacy and the lives of those who have served our country.

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