Community Service
Ms. Jessica Medoff X2VOL  

Service Hours

Notre Dame’s mission, its philosophy and objectives, encourages personal growth and responsibility, sound values and service to others.
1) Hours must be done through a non-profit organization (ex. school, town rec league, nursing home, shelter, soup kitchen, church, etc.)
2) Hours done as part of a regular membership of a club/team will not be counted (ex. keeping score of a game as the manager, Link Crew, Crisis Crew, etc.) except for service specific clubs like Campus Ministry or Key Club. Contributing to a regular liturgical participation event also will not be counted (altar serving, reading, etc.)
3) The requirement is 10 hours for freshmen, 15 for sophomores, 20 for juniors, and 25 for seniors.
4) Only half of the specific requirement can be done over the summer so as to encourage participation in the ND mission all year long.
5) Hours can no longer be turned in on paper and must be submitted electronically through
6) The deadline for the 2016-2017 school year is March 10th.
7) If you do not meet the deadline, five unrecoverable points will be deducted from your 3rd quarter Religion grade. The same will happen in the 4th if it is still not met. You are also ineligible for the honor code for that marking period. You will receive an F until they are completed and will not receive your fourth quarter report card and no transcripts can be sent.
8) Hours need to be submitted, verified, AND approved to be on time and complete.
9) Please submit hours as soon as they are completed instead of waiting until the deadline. This will make it much easier for both you and your service supervisor. Let them know when you are submitting your hours so they can be on the lookout for the email. You can log in any time to see your status.
10) Submit any additional hours even after your requirement is complete to be eligible for scholarships and awards senior year.

Please see pages 24/25 of the student handbook for full information.

Please see Miss Medoff in room 201A or email at if you are unsure if something satisfactorily fulfills the permitted service criteria, would like suggestions about good agencies or ways to get involved, or if you need help with x2VOL.

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